Visual Arts


Art 1 is a basic course for students of all levels. This course aims to guide students to be aware and explore many forms of art. The goal is for Art 1 students to learn the fundamental principles of art, study important artists, art history and the practical application of art making through creative expression. This course is a standard-based curriculum according to the state of California. This course has no prerequisite.


Sculpture is an advanced three-dimensional art class. Students have the opportunity to design artwork that then can be physically created using a wide variety of art materials. Students will come to understand the fundamentals of 3-D art through the study of important artists in the field, architecture, industrial design as well as cultural arts that use 3-D sculptures for their cultural traditions. In addition, students will learn about careers that utilize this kind of class as a foundation to a wide variety of professions. Art 1 is the prerequisite for this class. This course is approved for the California State system and is also UC approved.


Drawing and Painting 1, 2 and 3 follows the successful completion of Art I. Students who desire to further explore their world of imagination, creativity or to cement their skills previously learned, will find this course appropriate and fulfilling. The practice will be rigorous and challenging, students are expected to have great command of the skills in drawing and painting at the end of this course. The intention of this class is to provide students the opportunities to be inspired, knowledgeable, and to be able to express themselves visually through quality artworks. Emphasis will be placed on Creative Self-Expression, Original Individual styles, and Technical skills.


This course is for students who want to further their studies in the visual arts. Advanced Art Study follows the successful completion of Art 1 and the student has taken either Sculpture or Drawing and Painting. Students who want to pursue a career in the arts will have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for their area of interest. The intention of this course is for students to develop their own artistic voice and create meaningful and original works of art. Students are expected to have the rigor and commitment and the skills in order to be college ready. This class is approved and transfers to both UC and California State Schools.


Photography 1 is a beginning course in photography that focuses on the basics of both photography and art. At the same time students learn how to operate a camera, develop film, and print pictures they also receive instructions about the elements and principles of art. Students in photography 1 begin with photograms and pinhole cameras and advance through more complex technical and conceptual assignments. Emphasis is placed on creative problem solving, critical thinking, organization, and positive work habits. Photography 1 is taught as a beginning college level course, and is a preparation course for photography 2.


Photography 2 is an advanced course in photography and is taught as an intermediate college level course. Here students learn more complex techniques and push themselves further conceptually. This course offers students the opportunity to not only improve their mastery of traditional photographic techniques, but alternative ones as well. Processes such as liquid light, Gum Dichromate, Cyanotypes, Clich and Atilde, Verre, and digital photography, etc. are taught as part of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with all types of photographic techniques and media.