Scheduling YOUR 4 Year Plan


SEPTEMBER-Students will take career assessments through Naviance to help them narrow down a career path, which helps students select appropriate courses.

DECEMBER-Freshmen will meet with their counselor to complete a 4-year plan and to discuss graduation and college requirements along with future plans. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors will attend a scheduling presentation and complete their 2021-2022 Scheduling Google Form.

JANUARY/FEBRUARY-There will be a Scheduling/AP Information Night on January 12. Students have until January 15 to edit their Google Form. From January 25-February 12, counselors will meet with students one-on-one to review their selections.

MARCH-The deadline to request a schedule change is March 12. The schedule change form will open after we are done with our one-on-one meetings (around Feb. 22).

MAY-Students will receive an email indicating their 2021-2022 course selections to review for accuracy.

This completes the scheduling process for the 2021-2022 school year.