Principal's Message


2020 -2021 TBD


Please call Asha Lujan at

(408) 347-3811

Throughout my career, I have developed a strong core belief about my purpose and (I hope) our purpose as educators. I believe that every student must be valued, respected, and welcomed into each classroom -- where they will be given a chance to excel in a rigorous and engaging curriculum. While it is the classroom teacher’s job to create this classroom environment, it is my job as principal to ensure there is a school culture that actively promotes this purpose.

I believe strongly in the Pirate Way and that as an entire school community, we all need to be Problem Solvers, Independent Thinkers, Responsible Individuals, Adaptable Learners, Technologically Competent, and Effective Communicators.

At Piedmont Hills we promise these common assurances in all facets of the school:

  • All students are truly welcomed as they are

  • Student strengths and areas of growth are known and supported

  • All stakeholders engage in "reflective practice"