Our coaches go through so much to get where they are in order to help our student athletes. Coaching high school is not like no other coaching job. At the youth level, the coaches' main concern is the athlete's attendance at practices and games. Most of the students live in the vicinity and have been playing with each other, or know about each other. Students who go to tournaments and/or are on travel teams are very dedicated and they have a lot of experience.

In high school, coaches need to mold a team together from students that are within the school boundaries. These boundaries pull students that have been on rival teams, but must now come together as a unified PHHS team. Our coaches also have to deal with grades, school attendance, and attendance for practices. In addition, our coaches have the responsibility of notifying colleges about our athletes. There is so much on our coaches' plates that the community does not see!


  1. Coaching position are posted on

  2. Coaches must apply on The online interview questionnaire must be completed. Provide an introduction letter, resume, references and so on.

  3. Coaches are then called by the Athletic Director and interviewed in person by both AD and Principal.

  4. The best applicant is chosen by the Principle, Athletic Director and other coaches.

  5. Coaches must fill out an applicant packet, data sheet, TB test, Oath statement, Child Abuse Reporting Requirements, Code of conduct forms, Get finger printed and wait for clearance, become CPR certified, first aid certified, attend a coaching class, a concussion class, a sudden cardiac arrest class, Mandated reporter certification.

  6. Volunteer coaches follow the same guidelines, however there is no online application. Volunteer coaches must contact the Athletic Director to begin the application process.