• Items brought to school will be taken from the student and will require a parent to be present for pick up

  • Cell phone use is not allowed in the classroom. Cell phones may only be used before and after school and during break. Cell phones used in the classroom will be confiscated by the teacher

  • Listening devices are not allowed on campus, as they violate the Education Code Policy

  • Only official PHHS Pirate gear caps, hats, beanies, knit caps, etc. are allowed on campus. No other head gear is allowed

  • PHHS is a closed campus as are all the schools in East Side Union High School District. Students are not permitted to visit other campuses including elementary, middle, and high schools. Students can be cited for trespassing


Students must be on time. They are expected to bring study materials, be cooperative, and observe all school policies. Students who do not attend detention may have to meet with the Associate Principal for further discipline action or may be suspended.

If you are assigned detention:

  • You will be given a detention slip indicating the date of your detention

  • Detention is served only on Wednesday or as assigned

  • Detention slip must be signed and dated by a parent/guardian

  • Students who do not have a 7th period will attend detention in Room K-4 from 2:10 p.m. - 3:04 p.m.

  • After school detention will be held in Room F-8 from 3:10 p.m. - 4:10 p.m.

  • If you cannot make your detention date as assigned, you must meet with Ms. Kunkel or Mr. Daucher to make arrangements or set up another detention date. Students who intentionally skip detention without a valid reason may face 1 day suspension.


Jeff Daucher (A-M)

Phone: (408) 347-3831


Justine Kunkel (N-Z)

Phone: (408) 347-3821


The PHHS Advisory department is located in the school office building. The department is responsible for overseeing and administering student detention, reviewing referrals and assigning appropriate consequences, and meeting with students to discuss student behavior.