Academic Probation


In order to participate as a member of any Piedmont Hills team, a student must achieve a grade point average of 2.0 and no more than (1) F for the prior six-week grading period. If a student does not attain that, they become ineligible until the next grading period. At that time they must have a GPA of 2.0 with no more than (1) F or better to be reinstated. Failure to attain the required GPA will continue them as ineligible.

Any student-athlete on academic probation may still practice with the team, but may NOT wear a uniform for public participation of any means.


If an Athlete is not academically eligible do to a hardship or circumstance beyond their control they can apply for academic probation. When granted academic probation eligibility, the student will remain eligible until the next grading period, at which time the student must attain a minimum of 2.00 GPA with no more than (1) F. If the probationary student does not attain the necessary GPA the student become ineligible to play until their grades are at the required minimum.

PLEASE NOTE: Academic Probation will only be granted for students with extenuating circumstances. The student must have no more than 1 F to apply for academic probation.


Student Athlete must write an essay to explain their situation. An explanation of the following questions must be fully answered in complete grammatically correct paragraphs.

  • What happened in the six weeks that prevented the athlete from making the minimum GPA requirement?

  • What was going on inside of the classroom environment?

  • Did the athlete struggle with the concepts in the classes they performed poorly in?

  • How is the athlete going to prevent further lowing of their grade in classes?

  • What was going on in your life out of the classroom?

  • What does a typical week look like for the athlete?

  • How does the athlete keep track of time and prioritize their home/school/athletic/social time?

  • What does athletic probation mean to the athlete?

  • The athlete must explain how they will raise their grades

  • What resources will they be using? (Be specific, not just stating they will get a tutor. They must state tutor’s name, date, time and place that they will be meeting.)

  • What is the athletes goal for the upcoming six weeks?

  • What does the athlete plan to do differently?

Essay must be emailed to by the second Friday after grades are posted. Late submissions will not be excepted.

After the essay is turned into the Athletic Director a Probationary Committee will read the essay and decide if probation will be granted. A meeting might be held with the student athlete, parent or care giver, Coach, and Athletic Director if the Probationary Committee deems it necessary.