The PHHS sports program is an educational based athletic program. Which means we focus on the student athlete not just the athlete. We ensure that the student is first and foremost doing what they need to do in the classroom whether it is academics or behaviors. Then we ensure that the student athlete is doing what they need to do on the athletic field.


All students will have a chance to tryout for all sports. Athletes who are involved in a sport during the previous season have one week break between end of previous season and tryout for next season. The athlete should contact the coach to schedule tryout location, dates and times.


Each athlete must have a yearly athletic physical performed by a doctor and be cleared to play prior to playing in any athletic game. The following physical form must be completed by parents/guardians as well as doctors. Attach any doctors notes to this form. The athlete Must retain all forms after completed. The physical form must be completed and then a picture or scan of the forms must be uploaded to their athletic registration. Please see the athletic registration tab for further instructions. Click here for Physical Form.


If your are a parent that drives athletes to their away games please fill out the following form and return it to the coach of the sport or to the Athletic Director. Click here for Personal Auto Use Form.


  • All student athletes that make a team have a role. The student athlete should be able to explain and demonstrate their role on the team.

  • The athlete should always go to the coach first. If the athlete has not had a conversation with the coach, the coach is not able to communicate with parents or guardians.

  • After the athlete has met with the coach a parent can then email the coach for a formal meeting.

  • If there is continued need for a further communication

  • A meeting with the Athletic Director, Athlete and Parent/Guardian will be scheduled.

  • The last step will be a formal meeting with the Principal.

  • All steps in the chain of command must be met prior to moving forward.

  • There are three topics that will not be addressed by the Athletic Director or Principal.

  • They are:

    • Playing time

    • Other athletes in the program

    • Coaches strategies or technics

  • There will be a 24 hour cool down time immediately after each game/match. If you have questions write them down. The athlete should be asking for clarification or the Parent/Guardian can call for a meeting 24 hours after a game or match.

  • All spectators are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior at all athletic events.

  • We are a community and we need to show all our youth how to act right in the best of times and the worst of times.

  • Practices are mandatory therefore please schedule doctors, dentists, or orthopedic appointments around practice time. Most seasons last a semester so dedicate that semester to their sport. The athlete will not gain game time by missing practice. Guaranteed!

  • All PHHS practices are closed practices.